Teddy’s buy 1 get 1 free Burger: amazing!


*** Food Porn Warning *** Teddy’s in Terminal 21, 2nd floor is doing a buy 1 get 1 free. It will end 11th November, so rush to get your free bugger and side fries!

Apart from the incredible promotion, the burgers are about the price of the McDonald’s signature Angus collection but much better.

The Bacado is my favorite, lot of top quality bacon, lot of avocado (rare in Thailand), overall great. The Texan with his huge onion rings will satisfy the meat lovers, and Teddy’s original is full of mushrooms and fried onions, Thai ladies like it.

Fries are great, everything is top quality, better than Carl Jr for example.

The meat is real beef, fresh and not from frozen, you can ask medium cooking for example, I advice that because otherwise they like to burn, we are in Thailand and they don’t know how to cook beef, so ask medium to get something cooked normally.

Teddy’s is a small Thai franchise, with at least one in Bangkok, one in Philippine, and now one in Pattaya.

Look at the pictures, they speak for themselves. Can you finish 2 burgers and fries? I could not, I had to give up the bottom of the bum.

WARNING: after going to this place several times I came to the conclusion that the kitchen does not know how to cook the beef. They are typically (if you do not specify) burn the meat to a piece of charcoal. So specify MEDIUM cooking if you want to appreciate your burger – they won’t ask you. I have talk to the manager about this problem but they don’t give a shit.

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by Nikko