Häagen-Dazs: do you know where this ice cream brand is coming from, in reality?


Häagen-Dazs, probably one of the most deceptive brand, hiding their name behind a smoke shield in order to sell their overpriced ice cream. But do you know where this brand is originated from?

In Thailand they say it is a French product, because it is so expensive that it must be French (or it will not sell right?). In Europe, they say it is Danish, hence the name. In America, what they say, uh?

A single scoop in the Häagen-Dazs store will cost you 140 baht! Yes that is 3.7 Euro, and 4.2 USD,  for a single scoop! 2 scoops and chocolate on the top is more than 10 USD!!! or 300 baht!

It is just unbelievable. So of course the French flag come again to the rescue, like for the croissants. “It is not an ice cream, it is a French ice cream… 8 scoops and you can buy a 24 carat ring for your girlfriend!”.

Häagen-Dazs is AMERICAN!

If you do not believe me (because their propaganda is very effective, check that: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%C3%A4agen-Dazs )

1- Häagen-Dazs (US/ˈhɑːɡəndæs/UK/ˌhɑːɡənˈdɑːz/)[1] is an American ice cream brand, established by Reuben and Rose Mattus in the Bronx, New York, in 1961

2- Reuben Mattus invented the “Häagen-Dazs” name supposedly as a tribute to Denmark‘s exemplary treatment of its Jews during the Second World War,[5] and included an outline map of Denmark on early labels.

“as a tribute to Denmark‘s exemplary treatment of its Jews” WTF, really?! Using the Shoah to make money?

Change the label with “Product of USA“, see if it sells now.



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by Nikko