Cha Tra Mue at Central Marina, for the coffee lover!


You have already tasted Starbuck (120b American Brand) or Amazon Cafe (60b Thai brand) or even Coffee Club (140b Autralian brand) or worse the 7/11 ones (40b). Then you have to taste Cha Tra Mue (50b), an old Thai coffee brand. The taste is soft, and great. Ask for a Cappuccino yen (Iced Cappuccino). You can check the reviews at Trip Advisor!

There is one at Terminal 21 but there are so many people waiting it must be one of the most successful place in the whole mall. But at Marina, no queue! You can find it in front of the pink cake shop at floor 1 of Marina (botton) on the MK side, behind the elevator.

For me one of the best coffee in Pattaya.

7/11 **   – Starbuck: ***  – Coffee Club (** because too expensive) – Amazon **** –  Cha Tra Mue: *****


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by Nikko