Big C doubled the price of their croissants, matching with Tops prices, now where are the best and cheapest options in Pattaya?


Remember when I criticized Tops for selling simple butter croissants x2 the price you would find them in France? Well Big C located 100 meter from the infamous Tops just had a French scam for us. Everything French is luxury, it is expensive, so put a French logo on a tart made in Pattaya from frozen and double the price: abracadabra, it is magic! How to make money with Thais who are clueless about the real prices of these things.

2 weeks ago when I made the article, I noticed that Big C were selling the same 20 baht!!! Not anymore!!!

Check that, they even beat Tops at their own game: 39 baht for a croissant that was 20 baht last week, 35 baht for beignets that were 10 baht last week and the Pear tard that were 40 baht last week are now 85 baht. But you get a French flag with it!

Are we all bozo the clown?

Were are these greedy ass will stop? Croissant 1000 baht? Why not?

Stop buying there, because in fact there is a good option at Friendship, Best and Foodmart. A bakery is doing the butter croissant 22 baht, the chocolate one (chocolatine) 23 bath etc… and they taste even better, made like a real bakery would make them. Check the pictures down here and compare. Spend your money smartly and help the ones who are doing a great job, while staying at a reasonable price. ( I don’t know the name of this bakery).


Big C doubled the price of these, adding a French flag on it!

I think these are the most expensive croissants in Pattaya, Big C (Casino brand in France) are selling them less than 20 baht in France. haha take that in your Wallet!

Hand made croissants at Friendship, 20 baht, taste better.

“Pain au chocolat” or “chocolatine” not from frozen 23 baht.

22 baht for hand made butter croissants. At Friendship/Best/Foodmart.


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