It was Halloween at Pattaya! Check the picture of the 2018 edition.


Since the coup, Halloween never been the same it was before. It looks like all the businesses are scared to do anything too crazy. Walking Street had a lot of decorations and makeup, Soi LK had some balloon but it was not much different from another day. In other places I have not seen any specific Halloween craziness. Thanks to all who put a costume this year, there were only a few. Check the pictures.

That was the only thing about Halloween from outside Royal Garden… hahaha.

Not sure if these people knows what is Halloween?

Some people got really good makeups, but very few of them compared with the pre-coups Halloweens.

So cute!

The kid was cute, but the mom was scary, was it a nurse?

One of the top costume of the night.

That’s special, not sure exactly what it is, a cosmonaut?

This costume was awesome!

Just a random little devil.

I know this Katoe (at Misty). She is scary even without makeup.

Ok it is for rent, but this ads is a little too big.



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