Terminal 21, shops that are UP!


Terminal 21 is a huge success, part because of the advertising, part also because there are shops that are very successful in there.

But not all Terminal 21 is the same, some place have a huge success, some are totally empty. So what is the future of Terminal 21? Is it going to be like Central, stable with a great success all year, or is it going to dive like Harbor and have part of it that is closed because no one goes there?

In this post we will talk about the UP shop, the ones that have an obvious success and for starting 2 small shop are making people crazy: the Koi Tea shop that sells only tea, you need to get a ticket and wait up to 20 min to get served!

Another shop at the same place is the Japanese homemade cakes. I don’t know what is magic in these cakes but people want them too much, long queue guaranteed, even if one cake is about 200 baht!

Globally the whole Foodland court is very popular with many businesses full all day. Mr Chan the 1 star Michelin Chinese chicken franchise has closed at Royal Garden to re-open here. Good location and more people. But the food sucks, so I am not sure about the future of it.

All the popular Thai franchises are overcrowded. Pizza company, Number 8 (Hachiban), Chestler, Carl Jr (yes full, not like in Central), KFC, are always full, people waiting their turn with a ticket sometime.

The MK group is having a blast too with the regular MK their Suki brand, Yayoi the new Japanese style franchise and Miyazaki having a lot of customers. I heard that they make about 300,000 baht per day in each of their restaurants! MK is slightly more expensive in Terminal 21 than elsewhere, so be prepared to pay 20% more.

Foodland is very popular and has a lot more customers than the one on the beach at Royal Garden, the cashiers are always busy. They are running a buy 1 get 1 free promotion for many products, Tropicana Orange for example, that makes 1 Bottle 75 baht!

The cinema, the games have a lot of people, and the food court is overcrowded, it is even hard to walk in. With meal starting at 30 bath only, it is a great choice.

My favorite Japanese the Sushi Tok-Q train is running good too, they are doing a 30% promotion that divided my last bill from 400 to 270, I was happy about it. But I am not sure I will continue to go there when the promotion will be finished, they should run it forever. Many very expensive restaurant like Fin Sushi (100 baht 1 sushi!) are having some success, people are willing to spend 1500 baht + for big crabs and illegal shark fins.

On the ice cream side, the one who is selling the most is Swensen’s, mega full and looks like a ice cream factory with so many waitress! Sales must be huge, they closed their Royal garden franchise to open here, it was a good idea.

In the next post I will talk about the down shops, the ones that are perpetually empty!


Koi Tea is one of the most successful brand in Terminal 21

People are crazy about these cakes!


Foodland Took Lae Dee restaurant is reasonably priced and has many customers.

Toq Q with their 30% off promotion is still the bes option for Sushi in Pattaya.

Yayoi is full all the time, great success for the MK group Japanese franchise.


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