LK Empress all you can eat breakfast buffet


250 baht, if you can deal with the price tag, then you will be in heaven. LK Empress on beach road, Saturday early in the morning (starting at 7am)

Imagine all you can eat: salmon Sashimi, Maki, Mortadella, Prosciutto, Salami, Pepper sausage, Caprese, black and green olives, bakery quality grade Croissant and Cakes?

Fresh fruits, and Cheese as well!

I ate for more than 100 baht of Parma Prosciutto alone, not counting a full plate of Sashimi. Elsewhere, I would have paid a lot more than 500 baht!

The orange juice with pulp taste like real, not from concentrate.

Everything is top notch, including the sitting, the place and the staff, some are obviously not Thai and are speaking English with no Thai accent.

Omelettes with real eggs, lot of Thai food… too much for my stomach, I tasted less than half of what is available!

Of course no ants and flies on the fruits and vegs, for the ones who use to go to Apex/Lek, it is another world.

This salad alone would cost you the price of the buffet in an Italian restaurant.

All you can eat Mortadella, Prosciutto, Salami, Caprese, black and green olives etc…

All you can eat Maki and salmon Sashimi!

Cackes are great, crunchy, fresh.

Win the price of the best croissant in any buffet/breakfast I have checked in Pattaya. Even better than the 40 baht Tops croissants!

Jams are very special, with large chunchs of real fruits. NOT the average low cost budget jam, I don’t know where they buy. Actually I want to know to buy the same for home!

Lot of different coffee options. Hi quality coffee.

Amazing crunchy fresh croissants. Imported from Switzerland they say.

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by Nikko