Tok-Q Sushi Train


The new Terminal 21 features an incredible number of Japanese restaurants, but there is one that stand out from the crowd, it is Tok-Q Sushi Train.

Not only the sushi are good (take the Tuk-Q special very yummy) but the concept itself is original. It is the 4th Tok-Q in Thailand, and the concept is 100% Thai, made by Thai, but inspired by some Japanese restaurant of course.

The restaurant looks a bit Start Trek style (vintage Sci-fi I would say) and you can select your orders on a tablet. Once you end the order, the kitchen process it, then a train bring you the sushi right in front of you. It is really cool, you have to check it.

Avoid the simple salmon maki though mine were filled with the black part of the salmon that should go to the trash normally, 4* because of that. The Sushi balls are original and the fish was very fresh.

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by Nikko