150 Baht all you can eat breakfast soi Honey


Everybody who stayed long time in Pattaya knows about the LK buffet and the Apex buffet. They are both at 150 baht for one ticket all you can eat with a lot of food to choose from.

I have found the Bay Breeze Hotel and its all you can eat buffet for the same 150 baht price. I liked it and here is a list of reason why, I think it is better.

  • the orange juice is real (taste like Tropicana).
  • they are offering mozzarella cheese and black olives.
  • there are raw cereals.
  • there are yogourt.
  • omelettes are made by the order and made with real eggs.
  • there is great beacon.
  • fruits are trimmed.
  • the seats are great.

If you are bored by the other 2 buffets, try this one.


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by Nikko