Yayoi is the new Yapanese food franchise from MK group! Yummy!


Yayoi (pronounce Yia Yio iii) is the new baby of the MK group. Everywhere there is an MK restaurant, they build this Japanese food, sometime reducing the MK restaurant space to make room for it. You can find a Yayoi at Big C Pattaya Tai, Klang and at Marina… The 19th October there will be one more at Terminal 21.

I have rarely seen any Farang in this type of restaurant. It is probably because the menu is complex and quite confusing. Check the picture, I took this combo for 160 Baht, and I can tell it is very good and filling. Everything is super fresh and at the highest standard. The staff are also well trained and it is definitively more professional. Try it, it is worth. This franchise will probably be a good competitor to Fuji who are more expensive.


160 Baht, better than a small burger!

Some of the current promotions


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