More rain, more thunderstorms. 2018 is a wet year!


In 10 years of being here I have never seen so much rain in a city that has the reputation to be dry. Every day it gets nasty starting at lunch (12am-1am). Thunderstorms are building quickly over our head.

I don’t know what it feels to be a tourist here – I am happy to stay long time here, but it is not the best year to visit Pattaya. The bars are open regardless but the beach is usable only early in the morning and a bit in the afternoon. Yesterday the rain came back at 7pm and going out on the motorbike had to be reconsidered. Rain was really strong, there were many flood areas and most small soup shops gave up and closed because of the rain.

I can listen the rumble of the thunderstorm… time to go eat something and after watch the spectacular natural firework! Today has quite scary lighting.

Yesterday night was wet.

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by Nikko