Aftermath of the thunderstorm today, why the City Hall cannot fix these problems?


Pattaya is probably the only popular resort in the world to get flooded every time there is a thunderstorm that last more than 1 hour.

The water is toxic because mixed with waste water. What about the “lose the face issue”? When some swingers parties are happening behind walls, you get 30 police officer raiding the place and talking about the image of Thailand. And what about these pictures? Does it looks like a 5* family resort? Maybe the City Hall should be more busy fixing the problems of the roads, giving fines to the noisy motorbikes than checking how the people like to f*ck with each other, that should not be public concern.

This does not seems to be a problem in other part of the world, but the richest city in Thailand, cannot fill the potholes, cannot repair the roads and of course cannot fix the flooding issues. Everytime it is raining, people will get sick, late at work, and stranded in a never ending flooding problem. And btw why the water is so dirty?


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by Nikko