They said: all tourist boats would be banned from Pattaya Beach and required to use Bali Hai Pier. Really?


April 24, 2018 the Pattaya’s city hall  reacted to criticism by Chon­buri Province by announcing that, effective May 1, all tourist boats would again be banned from Pattaya Beach and required to use Bali Hai Pier. Deputy Gov. Chawalit Saeng-Uthai blasted Pattaya administrators for failing to follow through on last year’s plans to move the speedboat operators and claimed their indifference had created a safety problem.

Not only the beach is always (all day) full of speedboats, but all the beach starting from soi 6 up to North has no protection for the swimmers. Strangely,  the city police is helping the bus to disembark, and the tourist to cross the road to reach the many speedboats waiting in the water, where the City said these will be banned. There are hundred of them and no one can really swim safely.

What Deputy Gov. Chawalit Saeng-Uthai has to say about this? Did the speedboat operators hired the Pattaya police to manage the traffic on beach road?

Pattaya beach has never been so crowded! People are crossing the road everywhere, the safety for all these people while walking like flock of chickens is very low; an accident is waiting to happen. Bananas boats are sliding between them, there are a huge number of buses parked at the Hard Rock Cafe parking, which charges 100 baht / hour!

Like always, money talk louder than words.



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by Nikko