Waste water treatment: when the City Hall will fix the problem?


There was a 12M baht budget allocated last year plus millions more scheduled for this year. Where this money went? Because there is no improvement about the waste water in Pattaya. These pictures were taken today. No rain for several days, so this water is not coming from the rain, it is brown, smelly, disgusting. That’s the waste water spread by the hotels and guesthouses who have no water treatment, and result the restaurant/industrial waste who are dumping everything in the rain drains located on every roads.

It is delivered right where the people are swimming. At each intersection, there is a waste water tube that exits hundred of meters far in the sea, so that no one notice them. However, some are broken, of obstructed, which results in over flooding right on the beach. These pictures are showing 2 areas, the Mike Shopping mall and the North Pattaya/Naklua exit. There are many more.

If Pattaya wants to be called a family resort, they need to fix these problems. Unless these are sponsored by BK Hospital? Sure many people get bacteria by touching this toxic water and if the water is left untreated, then the people will continue to get sick and eat Amoxicillin like candies.


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by Nikko