Tops Market is open and it is beautiful, but it SUCKS. Read to know why Tops Market will fail.


I have visited the new Tops Market at Big C Sukhumvit. It is a large one with many exciting food available. But I purchased nothing. Why?


Can you imagine, 1 butter croissant costs 1 Eur (35 Baht at Tops). In France, it cost HALF the price . And it is not finished, 1 sushi, just a normal sushi, not  fresh made by the order like in a restaurant, just a 1 sushi waiting all day on the ice: 35 baht too! It is 1 Euro for 1 sushi!

Everything is the same. So we are living in a country where the average salary is 350 Eur (to be compared with 1400 Eur in Europe) and the price of the things in this shop is twice more expensive than in Europe?! Who are the idiots who will buy there. Even the coke is more expensive!

Everything is overpriced so much that it is ridiculous. Who is going to come on Sukhumvit road to get a small chicken for 250 baht? No a free roaming farmer chicken, just a regular one? Or a tiny wrap with the unsold dry chicken from the day before: 80 baht with nothing inside, take a small sized wrap, put some chicken, mayo and salad: et voila?

So you know what? I think that these people have lost their mind, even Mark & Spencer are not pricing their food to that level.

What will happen? People will not buy, things will get old, bread will get strong and they will stop selling most of the goodies they are exposing right now. The place will be deserted and they will lose money.

Unless they wake up to reality, things need to sell to be fresh, and people are not going to buy rotten food.

Talk to them if they ask. This morning a chief came to me to ask me what I think. I told him, “your butter croissant are too expensive, double the price of a real bakery like the ones who are selling in Friendship, or Foodland which are already expensive. Compared with France it is double the price of the industrial croissant sold in supermarkets. Your croissant are simple, cheap made from frozen, put in an oven with a bit of egg on them to make them shiny, nothing inside, so why that price? Farang can buy frozen bread at Makro too. How much will cost my breakfast if I purchase here? 200 baht?”

The guy looked at me surprised. But he probably spend 20 baht for “panini” and soja milk like every Thais in the morning at every corners of the streets.  They are selling these “panini” at the corner at the exit of the parking of Tops too!

Farangs are tired of paying more here than in Europe, because it is hi-so, it is hipped, and because of the endless greed that is the main business rule in Thailand. These prices are gotten out of control, Tops will fail with these prices, farang have to boycott these overpriced places…to teach them the basic business rule, to sell, the price has to be fair. Sure there will be some passing by farang that will purchase a 150 baht sandwitch, but is it enough to run a market? I think not.

I will report here what will happen in the next future when all these expensive goods will be rotten waiting to be purchased.

On a bright side, Tang Garden Nuts are at the same price as 7/11: 10 baht for the small bags. So yep, I will go there buy nuts sometime. Also the restaurant is reasonably priced, but are they serving fresh salmon or the unsold one that should go to the trash because expired? I have a doubt.

35 baht for 1 sushi. And on the boxes, the expiration date is in one week. No joke.

Unsold bread from yesterday…

55 baht for a carrot juce… “fresh”

219 Baht in promotion for an industrial chicken 555. Outside there is a small shop on the road who sell fresh chicken 140 baht, Issean style, taste fabulous and the skin stay on the bones.

99 promotion for a box with 5 strawberry. Otherwise 200 baht. Really?

The restaurant has ‘normal’ price about the same as Took Lae Dee at Foodland.

25 baht for 100 gram of salad. If you are hungry, you better go to Sizzler: 130 baht all you can eat, sauce included.

Outside some interesting organic food. Notice that the acid mangoes are 50 baht outside, 65 baht inside. Buy organic, it is less expensive.

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