North Pattaya Beach is looking good, while the replenishment is still ongoing from soi 6 to Pattaya Klang.


The replenishment is ongoing between soi 6 to Pattaya Klang, and in consequences the beach is closed in this area. However at the North we can see the result of the added bags and sand. The beach is large and the umbrella are occupying only a small chunk of the place, leaving plenty of room to relax and tan on the beach using your own towel and without paying for a seat. There is a lot more work in the south area, where the beach is almost gone, let see what they can do to fix that.

of Pattaya beach (budget 450 Million Baht), is still ongoing on the sector located between soi 6 and Pattaya Klang. The North is showing a huge beach replenished with sand from the Rayong area and bags. It is visually looking good. Let’s hope that the rest of the beach will look as good once finished.


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by Nikko