Walking Street, a river of tourists but only a few are buying something


It is becoming harder and harder to walk in Walking Street, as you can see in the pictures below. Despite the fact that we are in low season, the street is packed by people from all countries that are flowing like a river.

The prices are soaring, for example I have seen 1 Coconut for 80 baht, and most Thai food in restaurant are costing more than 100 baht (120 baht for a fried rice! The same would cost 40 baht elsewhere).

But if you enter in the aGogo, there are just a few customers. To keep their benefit high, the venues are hiking the price of drinks. A couple of years ago you could have a soft drink for 80 baht, now you won’t get one for less than 120 baht. Windmill is selling the Coke at 140 Baht as an example.

I remember this blog post that title was “outrageous price of the coke in Champs Elysee“, Walking Street is now close to these prices. When people will be shocked enough to stop entering these places?

Maybe this is already happening. Yesterday, with Walking Street packed to the point where it was hard to move, Naughty Girls aGogo had 2 customers inside, Beach Club 3-4 customers only. Only the Windmill soi Diamond was packed but it is the only one to still have all the girls naked and some dirty stuff happening like in the old times. But this exclusivity, is expensive if you are not aware: the San Miguel light costs 170 baht, same price of a lady drink! Guess why everyone takes draft beer!

This is telling something: the old aGogo business is dying slowly. The army wanted them gone and this is what is happening. Prices too high, rent prices are up.

The discos are ready to take over. While some are still rip off, some clubs like Lucifer are doing happy hours with San Miguel light at 70 Baht before midnight (take that Windmill). After midnight it changes up to 150 baht, but it is less than most aGogo and there are plenty of girls fishing for foreigners, without a 1000 baht barfine to get them out of the disco, these place are full and people have more fun dancing than looking bored girls at the pole.

Note: all the pictures were taken the last 2 days, no old pictures here.

Walking Street Packed

Walking Street packed

iBar from outside

Lucifer live music group

In side Lucifer

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