Thai food, very special taste.


There is a new Thai food restaurant just close to the new Muai Thai boxing complexe, close to the Pattaya Klang intersection on Sukhumvit road.

We decided to check there with the girlfriend. She is from Issean and can eat pretty much everything that would make a farang puke instantly.

We ordered kway chap, that is a North Thailand specialty (that originated from Vietnam). The name comes from the noodles. It is usually served with moo krop (crispy pork) and some white looking porc and  green pepper sausage.

Some Thai people (most from poor origin) like this type of food, but for me no way. They throw liver, heart and intestine in the soup without asking ( we moved the ugly part in the trash, reason why they are not in the pictures). Most of the meat was from internal organs. The soup itself was looking like a mix of coagulated blood and sauce, taste was awful.

Both of us could not eat it.

If you are into weird food experiments, I suggest that you try there and ask for Kway Chap, you won’t be disappointed, otherwise, avoid.



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by Nikko