Tomboy massacre girlfriend (WARNING: shocking Video and Pictures)


A shocking video has emerged in the Thai medias, showing a tomboy beating another girl unconscious for about 15 min. What is the most shocking is how relaxed the aggressor who knows the victim for +6 years is methodically punching when the victim is offering no resistance, using his feet/helmet/hands…

Witnesses are so scared that no one came to help the girl who ended up in the hospital with horribles scars and contusions.

How such an horrible person can be freely walking in the streets, acting so violently and have such a relaxed and detached attitude is beyond words. See by yourself.


Result of the fight, the girl is badly wounded, but alive.


Extracts of the video, you can see that the tomboy is checking his/her phone while the girl is screaming for help.

Here is how the girl is looking like without wounds.

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by Nikko