Elon Musk openly insults the Thai Navy who freed the kids in the caves, calling them pedophiles!


In a shameful rant on Twitter the once was smart guy of Tesla went into showing his real over inflated ego. Not only he say that “you could literally have swum to Cave 5 with no gear” but he call the heroes who saved the kids: PEDO!

You read well, it is hard to believe that this guy could insult heroes who risked their lives while he stood behind his computer talking about doing submarines and tubes. Check this video if you need to remind yourself how hard this rescue was. https://truepattaya.org/2018/07/08/live-of-the-ongoing-rescue-from-inside-the-cave/

This guy is another shameful Western fabrication like Mark Zuckerberg! Money from the US state is the only thing that moves his business, and military contracts is what gives him his fabricated fame. Remember that the research he does on booster to go in space, can be used to propulse ICBM (Intercontinental missiles) over the speed of sound, something that only the Russians are mastering.

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by Nikko