Finally, the police do something against the noisy modified motorbikes!


Finally, they do something against the motorbike racing organizers and their fans, such as facebook pages and groups of kids racing on the public roads. Not only it is a serious disturbance for the tourists who need to sleep before continuing their vacations, but also, there are regularly fatal accidents directly involving racers. Thanks Thailand Polite to listen and act. Here is the quickly translated official news:

The police raided the children in the province of Chon Buri at Pattaya, and seized 186 motorbikes who were causing trouble by being noisy in the area.. 🏍🏍

At 02.30 am today, July 7, 61 at Bli Hai Pier, Pattaya, Chonburi, Mr. Naris Nilipawong, Banglamung District Sheriff Jointly announced the results of the the cooperation of the military, police, tourism and police officers from 23 police stations in the Chonburi Provinel. In Chonburi, the arrest of young children who are in violation of the Notification of the NBC 22/2558 and 46/2558.

186 motorcycles were arrested and 159 young drivers were arrested. They were youths and adults aged 13-63 years. A total of 97 non-standard customization were detected. The Central Offices found spares and accessories, such as exhaust pipes, magnetic clutches, helmets and fittings.

He arrested 19-year-old Mr. Vichayut Riya, who owns a Facebook page called Midnight Khao Maikaew, a page with 1,600 subscribers, and Mr. Suebsak Maniphan, 27, who owns Midnight Sattahip. The 21,000 followers were accused by the Pattaya Provincial Court of the accusation of “sponsoring motorbike racing on the public way”, which is a criminal behavior.

Gen. Jitti said that the government has policies for various agencies. To solve the problem of youth grouping together in motorcycle race in public way, causing trouble to people.
The National Police Office has always been responsive to government policies. The police in Region 2, Chonburi. There are complaints from the public that there are children. Speed ​​up the road on a regular basis. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. The officer gathered the evidence to arrest the warrant. And the arrests of children,  and many motorbike as well.

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