The Arabs noisy motorbike drivers are again in the news.


It must be a joke. The police have the balls to accuse a group of Arabs of doing noise with their modified motorbikes, and at the same time, everywhere you go in Pattaya you can listen Thai people doing the same and worse. Why when you are a foreigner, you are arrested, and your motorbike confiscated, but when normal Thai people are doing it, then nothing is done? In the night the huge majority of motorbike drivers are racing on Sukhumvit and nothing is done against them, and they are in their huge majority from Thai nationality. Worse, they stamp the sticker of their racing club on their motorbike, change the wheels and the exhaust. They are at every stop, days and night, don’t tell me that police cannot spot them!

Another case of blatant racism. I agree that these motorbikes are noisy and that police need to stop that, but they also need to go after the Thai crazy people who are the majority and are incredibly noisy, driving dangerously and are a thread to the normal population who is driving on the roads. Check Sukhumvit any time in the night, they are everywhere!



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by Nikko