Update about the 12 kids and their coach trapped in the caves for 1 week.


Where we are so far?

  • a team of 3 British divers came at the rescue, but with no visibility, diving is extremely dangerous and difficult; they didn’t had any result so far.
  • pumps are sucking out the water from the caves, but it is raining every night, halting the researches when the caves are filled too much.
  • 600 people are checking the mountain to find cracks that would lead to where the kids are supposed to have found a shelter.
  • a drilling team is trying to reach the zone where the kids are supposed to be in order to provide them food and water, but it is very deep at this place.
  • the experts are thinking that they are waiting in a cave named “Pattaya Beach” (not even funny)… because it is like a beach in the middle of the 10km cave. If they are there, they should be protected from drowning into the muddy water and have enough space and oxygen.
  • a team of US Navy Seals specialized in difficult rescues have arrived and have achieved to dive 1 cave away from the “Pattaya beach” cave. They have installed a communication center and plan to dive to the famous cave where the kids are supposed to be as soon as possible, but they have to dive in a very difficult and large area.
  • the cup hat from an 11 year old kid trapped in the cave has been found in the water at a waterfall.
  • the authorities have blocked the access to the cave because of the massive number of people coming to help.

Can they survive 7 days without food? Yes they can, but they need to have an access to some clean water and also have holes that provides air in the cave where they are staying..

Today’s Bangkok Post front page resumes well the situation.

The cave were flooded yesterday because of heavy rain in the night, halting the research temporary.

Pumps are used to take the water out from the caves, but if it is raining, they are useless because too much water are entering in the cave.

The US Navy Seals are progressing in dire conditions.

The US Navy Seals are 1 cave away from the “Pattaya Beach” one… but there is a large area of muddy water to pass through wit no visibility.

The cap of one of the kid has been found…the kid has been identified to be one of the victims being 11 years old.



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