Farang wounded in an accident get premium care, while nobody paid attention to the wounded old taxi man.


You may thing that the taxi motorbike are immune from accidents, because we do not see them in the news. What happen is that most of the time, all the attention goes to the passenger. In that case the farang got premium attention from the emergency services and was driven to the Pattaya Memorial hospital, while the old taxi motorbike was left unatendended on the side of the road, his motorbile broken.

At about 10pm at the intersection of Sukhumvit road and Pattaya Tai in the direction to the south, a farang and is girlfriend took a taxi motorbike to go to their hotel. The taxi tried to cross the road to make a uturn, but a speeding pick up could not slow down and collided with them sending the 3 people on the road.

The pickup stopped and will pay for the damages. The farang was shocked but had only scratches and bruises. But nobody paid attention to the old taxi… who went to the pharmacy nearby.

This time, no one was seriously injured, taxi are not immune, they are just ignored.

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by Nikko