Welcome to the worse mass tourism resort in the world: Pattaya!


The boat operators and the authorities are ignoring the damage done to the beach by these boats. Who can rent a room on beach road with this view, such a noise, and do you know that these boats are doing a lot of pollution, a lot more than trucks and buses? No education and irresponsibility leads to this situation. Cops are driving with their motorbikes in front of the parked buses but nothing is done. The army had published an order to tell the boat operators to move their operation to the pier, and the pier is very busy in the morning. These rogue boats operators are ignoring the order and are like the motorists who are passing at the red on the road. Law does not apply to them.

The army is losing the face, and Thailand is losing the face too. Pattaya beach: a dump of Chinese tourists. Avoid. These photos were taken at Mike Shopping mall, and Royal Garden. The same is happening at soi 6 at the North today.

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by Nikko