M.C. Burger review. In one word: bad.


I hate to write bad reviews, but I also hate to lie, so here is my honest review of M.C. Burger.

While the pictures on their website/FB are mouth watering, what I have eaten today (Sunrise burger) didn’t taste good.

Starting by the good points.

The place is looking nice and original, the tags are well done an the choice of sauces is great. You have normal Ketchup, curry mayo, spicy ketchup, garlic mayo.

The bacon was great.

That’s pretty much it for the positive.

Here is the long list of negative.

The place is nice but the work is half done, you can see from outside, it looks pretty boring until you go inside. Second point, you have to like hip hop, and not many expats here are fan of this style of music. Very annoying is the gigantic fan that is blowing on the table, making everything flying. No paper could stay on the table, even the straw was sent flying out of my glass. You won’t stay sitting there enjoying the place because of it. Check the McDonald on Sukhumvit and see why they are doing an effort to make the design nice so that the people want to come back.

The burger itself. I expected from the picture in the menu that the egg will be sunny up style, but no luck, the whole thing was super dry. The eggs was over cooked, over hard, the meat too, I don’t see any cooking technique to refer to this type of egg cooking, because that’s not the way eggs should be cook.

No vegetable in the burger. Tomatoes does not exists in this place, and pickles as well. Some burger have lettuce, but yet, the Sunrise burger is too dry. I had an hard time to finish it even after adding a lot of sauce inside.

The burger is small. About the size of a Mc Cheeseburger. So the double meat and cheese does only make something of the size of a Big Mac or a Whooper, not more. Check the picture with the fork and knife.

These people are amateur, and you can see by the attitude of the young waitress. She forgot to bring me my coke, but when she did, she thrown it to me in such a rude way, I jumped up on my seat. The coke was hot of course with ice in the glass, I had to open it myself. I hate hot coke, your hot coke will dissolve the ice in no time and you will end up having a watered coke at medium temperature. Seriously if you cannot give a cold coke in a burger place, then close and do something else.

The little lady looking like an uneducated bar girl never got a training about being a waitress for sure… Thailand can do better, you won’t have these kind of people acting like this in a normal hotel in Pattaya!

So as a conclusion, the experience was bad, Burger King or McDonald are way superior for the price, the staff are well trained there, smiling, polite, the coke is cold, and there is no comparison about the quality of the sitting, the look of the place and even the taste of the burgers…

I will not go again.



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by Nikko