Pump Up disco raided and closed


Playing loud music after the legal hours annoying the neighbors, hosting drug dealers and junkies… what they were thinking, that nobody would dare checking them?

At 3:00 pm on June 16, 61, Piyapong Ennawat, Ph.D., 4 kg., Lt. Col. Natthathorn Ratanachanan Health Pattaya City Police Department Police Colonel Bhumibol, Pattaya City Police With the police force. Pattaya police raided pub Pump Up that is located at Soi South Pattaya 7, 488/3 Moo 10, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi.
Due to complaints from people living in neighborhoods. The entertainment was open over time, noisy, had young teenagers,  drug addicts and all kind of shady people. The police checked in and arrested a hundred people who were drinking and dancing with the loud music. The police ordered the music to be turned off and to turn on the lights.  Men and women were checked, their ID card and made Urine test for substance in the body.
The findings showed that there were drugs. The powder pack were packed in 5 zip packs and crystal in 7 zip packs, marijuana in 10 zip packs that were left on the floor. 7 men and 12 women were tested positive, and then searched in the vehicle of the tourists, but nothing illegal was found.

They were arrested for further checks before they would be sent for mandatory rehabilitation. Police also found a small amount of ketamine in five zip bags and seven ecstasy pills.

26 year old Thanakrit Pattanapibul, the pub manager, was arrested for violating the closing time rule for entertainment venues and for allowing drug abuse at the venue under his watch.

Police will propose to the Interior Ministry that the club be closed down.

. Liquor was sold outside the time required by law. Let’s not talk about the drug all these people were send the investigating officer to be prosecuted.

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by Nikko