Walking Street in the morning, when the monks are crossing the party goers…


Walking Street Pattaya is an unique place in the world. If you go there at 6:30am, you will cross the party goes coming out from the disco or the karaokes and going back to their room to sleep. Some with a girl, some with friends. At the same time the monks are walking; ready to accept your offerings in exchange of their blessing. Many girls having sin all night will stop the monks for a 20 baht bill and pray.

In 2018, Walking street keep the pennants, sign that the army is not having any influence on the people at this place. If you remember, they asked to remove the signs because they were too big were obstructing eventually in case of emergency. What about these flags?

Welcome in Thailand where there is something interesting to see 24/7 all year! The lawless country where you can still do what you want without asking permission to the government.

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by Nikko