Boat operator continues to violate the order and pickup the tourists on the beach instead of going at Bali Hai pier.


In February 2018, The National Council for Peace and Order, Pattaya City and the committee for Southern Pattaya Pier Regulating had ordered tour buses and boats to resume using the pier to pick-up and drop off some 20,000 tourists per day for water activities and the journey to Koh Lan.

In May 2018, The Nation wrote an article covering the fact that: nothing had changed, the boat operators are not listening and are violating the order every day.

Today 13th June 2018: nothing has changed too. Let’s face the reality, the NCPO cannot do anything against the boat operators, simply because these people don’t give a f*ck about what they say. They salvaged the pier before and they are destroying the beach, but the army are too weak to take action against them. They ignore the law and the orders, and are doing their business as usually. These people have respect for nothing, they are only here for making money. You know that these boats are generating way more pollution than any truck or car? All the people who stay on the beach are affected by this disastrous activity. Not counting the endless line of buses, on beach road starting at 6am! Who can rent a room and sleep with these every morning under their windows?

Without a strong action, huge fines or even prison for the mafia who are ruling the boats at Pattaya, their highly profitable business will rule and they will continue to pollute the air, the water, the beach and spit at the face of the NCPO.

The pier and its useless blue drawing is just more money spent for nothing, at the same hour, the pier is almost empty and has no activity.

All photos: 18th June at 7:30am on Beach road at Royal Garden

18th June at 7am on Beach road

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by Nikko