Is the iconic big screen being dismantled?


It is apparently part of bid from military to make the street more ‘family friendly’ by hiding the hanging wires underground.
Burying the aGogos and their countless of prostitute would be more efficient but they didn’t got a budget for that, they got a budget to bury the cables underground. So be it, starting with the iconic Samsung sponsored video screen that was flashing for so many years at the entrance.

All advertising has been removed, that’s a first step.

Now let see if the budgets of 3.1 Billions baht will reach its destination before being sucked by some shadows in uniforms… They said last year that all the signs will have to be resized because of they can be a security issue, still waiting for that to happen!

There is always a good reason to get a budget from the government. Making Walking Street more family friendly seems to be a good one. But it is like trying to make chilly sweet and soft… good luck!

I guess Samsung haven’t paid their sponsoring for a while and someone was making money out of advertising without giving their fair share to the collectors in uniform… this will be soon fixed once the money will change hands.

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by Nikko