Crackdowns on foreigners abusing visa, but who are these people then?


The press is full of it, crack down against bad foreigners who are abusing the Thai visas.

Bad Europeans, Asians, Americans, using Education Visa (cost +20,000 baht) to run a business in the Kingdom. Spending millions to have a business in Thailand, doing real-estate, restaurants, bakery: what a crime! Let’s show some proud police officer dealing with this huge problem!

Try this news:

or this one:

or here:

or here:

These qualified, mostly educated foreigners are doing the offence of spending their money here and try to avoid the incredibly expensive work Visa, by spending thousands of Baht filling the schools and learning Thai instead: what a crime!

Thai society is so hypocritical.

So I want to know who are these people packed in the back of trucks like animals, sleeping in dire conditions in slumps. Do they have a work permit or any visa at all? Everyone can see them in the morning going to their constructions sites.

Do they spend their money in the Kingdom? Do they bring any competence? Do they have any education that could benefit to the Kingdom?

No, these people are slaves paid half the minimum Thai wage to do the work Thais don’t want to do. Without them there would be no construction in this country, and they are in the restaurants and in the hotels too, everywhere if you are looking carefully. If you go in a big brand restaurant, you will see them, some younger than 15 year old working in the kitchen being waitress in the restaurants after midnight, working 12 hours a day for 4000 baht with free food and free accommodation, sleeping onsite. They are in the Islands and on the Mainland, millions of Cambodians, Burmese, or Laotians.

No crackdown on them.

Thailand does not like foreigners who are making money in the Kingdom. If you come here to work like a slave, you are welcome. If you come here to make money, stay away, money is only for Thais.



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by Nikko