About the helmets and the Thai reluctance. What is wrong with this picture?


About the helmets and the Thai reluctance  What is wrong with this picture?

It’s been 8 years that Thailand and Thai police are trying to enforce wearing an helmet to limit the number of death on the road. The brain is the most vulnerable part of our body and even a small shock on the head can lead to permanent disabilities or death.

The Thai government did everything possible. Hiking the fines, towing the motorbikes of the offenders, doing a zero tolerance campaign spread everywhere in Pattaya on billboards, doing TV advertising and having superstars supporting the cause.

Yet, we are in 2018, and driving at 7pm on Sukhumvit one of the most dangerous road in all Thailand. More people are dying here than in Gaza or Damascus every year, and look how many Thais are wearing an  helmet?

Thais are the most reluctant people about change. They can have an accident, avoid death by an inch, and still do not get it.

The Thai society is split in 2 groups. The ones, educated, who have self conscientiousness and understand that wearing an helmet is not about fashion, look or anything else than saving their lives in case of an accident.

And the second group, the uneducated selfish and disrespectful people who don’t give a sh*t of anything and want to do what they want. They will let their kids die on the road and blame the others, the weather, the road, the traffic, but in no way, they are responsible of anything.

These people are an embarrassment for the Thai society and how people see Thailand all other the world. But it will take a dramatic change in the educational system to raise the IQ of the Thai people so that they can understand basic life saving principles.

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