6AM at Jomtien beach, volleyball players are playing while a supercell of thunderstorms is trying to organize tornadoes!


Today I was driving at Jomtien second road to buy fresh croissants at Foodmart, when I noticed this supercell cloud located on Bang Saray apparently. So I drove to the beach to see what was happening there.

On the beach was a dangerous cloud with a raging thunderstorm located after Na Jomtien.

I could see some tornadoes trying to organize, very scary!

In the mean time, people were playing volleyball as if nothing was happening!

But at the same time the view was awesome!

The clouds were spreading very quickly to the area of Jomtien and now, all Treppasit and Trappaya road were covered. Time to get back to the room with my fresh croissants from Foodsmart!

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by Nikko