Tourist assaulted by a taxi motorbike in front of Central Festival at beach road!


It is always upsetting to see your motorbike towed in front of you, while you could just take it and go… but the towing agents made sure it was impossible by blocking the wheels.

Notwithstanding the blocked wheel, this tourist decided to take his bike with him, but a taxi motorbike could not resist to shot him in the head while he was not able to defend himself. Is it the business of the taxi motorbike to do that?

The taxi will sure not have any problem, shooting people in the head with the feet like if it was a football ball, with the risk to kill him on the spot is not illegal in Pattaya, but the farang will not bring with him a good memory of the Land of Smile for sure. Plus he will have to pay a taxi to go to the towing parking and pay about 2000 baht total with the fine. All of these could be avoided if the people were nice and respectful…




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by Nikko