Gooooood Morning Pattayaaaa! True Pattaya is back!

Panoramic View of Pattaya 17/May/2018

Panoramic View of Pattaya 17/May/2018

Gooooood Morning Pattayaaaa!

True Pattaya is back and this time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but also with its own website! Please subscribe to our notifications at our website, so that you won’t miss one post.

Facebook is not a reliable platform for posting. Anyone can report any picture and your page get blocked. When you are talking about a subject like Pattaya, you have to post sexy pictures, Pattaya is the most sexy city in the world right?

But Facebook is managed by these kind of people who only want to know what you are doing. An half naked body is against their policy. But Terrorists can post beheaded images, kids shot in the head, violence is great, they only hide it. Pages are not deleted like we were. A breast even covered, is sin for Facebook, there are a lot of post of upset people about it on the web.

I let you juge about the current state of our civilization. But now True Pattaya is totally independent. Nothing can stop it, not even a group controlled by bars and prostitution businesses.

What is happening in Pattaya? Lot of amazing thunderstorms, music, food, and soon a huge firework! Subscribe to our news on our website, spread the word, True Pattaya is back!

  1. Good to have you back, always enjoyed reading your reports! You should offer a daily newsletter (same like thaivisa) where you are sending out the “top news” of the day to your readers. The current option getting emailed everytime something is posted might be a bit too much for some of your readers.

    • If you enter your email in the “be notified” field (right panel) then you r a notification for each new post. I am not posting that much same Thai visa so that is probably a better solution. For an example if I post an alert about Thunderstorm, the notification is instant. Twitter is another alternative.

  2. Use FB to generate interest and drive users to your website. Save all the good content for your website that you have full control of. It’s all to easy to lose everything if everything is on FB.

    • What amazes me is that they ask you to boost your page all the time (paid advertising). Then they can swipe your page in a blink of eye for dubvious reasons, and you lose all. They of course do not refund the money. Making a business based on Facebook, it a stupid idea. That’s why I never paid for likes and will never do it.

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