The facebook page True Pattaya has been unpublished by Facebook


Our page has been unpublished by Facebook due to “pornographic content”. I am sure that the 8000+ Members of this page have never seen any pornographic content on my page.

But Facebook has decided otherwise. That’s the power of the Artificial Intelligence! First they flagged one map of Thailand and said it was pornographic, second it was a page with people legs and shoulders uncovered but that’s all. But the last time is the most incredible.

My own logo has been flagged and after I have been personally banned for 7 days, and the page was gone, completely. Like if it never existed.

That’s how powerful the control of Facebook is on our lives, on our opinions… Terrorists can post all they want, but I cannot post about Pattaya, that’s just incredible.

Here are 2 pornographic pictures that are against their policies and were the reason why the page was unpublished. The last one was never published because cancelled and removed (it was an error).

And the worse is the last time, the account has been deleted because of these final picture that are not “meeting the community standard”.

It is real, not a fake! I took one screenshot and one picture is made with another phone for more credibility.

That’s how Facebook get rid of you without any reason.

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by Nikko