Seen soi BuoKhao .Is this appropriate in such a popular soi?next to the 7/11 at the Brooklyn Dinner.


Seen soi BuoKhao .
Is this appropriate in such a popular soi?next to the 7/11 at the Brooklyn Dinner.


  1. No. Full of men in dresses.

  2. ระวัง…มันล้วงกระเป๋าเงิน

  3. See he/she most nights never eny problem like most of the ladyboys on the soi unlike the nutters i walking street

  4. Ladyboys used to be a niche market, Jenny’s bar under marine disco & Linda bar.. then all of a sudden certain nationality start coming to Pattaya in numbers & now they’re all over the place… I remember when they used to hang about underneath Royal Garden plaza in the parking area and try to entice punters.. was like a scene out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video 😟
    All the power of a male with the pent up venom of a female… keep away if you’re going to make fun of them or risk a stiletto over the head or worse 😬

  5. Why not entertainment make you laugh

  6. Life not to be taken serious as long in good gesture

  7. 60 ฿ for a Chang outrageous 😂

  8. Lady Boy Heaven if that’s what rocks your boat in the day time you got a bunch of geezers in shorts with no shirts on

  9. LB’s seem to get away with it, lol

  10. Scary walking past those bars I’ll tell you

  11. everything is appropriate in pattaya 😂

  12. Günther Winkler 😂🤣😄

  13. You can go, tell her she is not dressed appropriatly.. Maybe she goes back to the room to change.. 😀

  14. This must be Russian bar girls

  15. That’s Michael Papa’s mate that’s always got the headphones in opposite climax 😂 Paul Rosati, Carl Dawson, Garson Blake

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