Ladyboys VS Farang early morning at Walking Street.


Ladyboys VS Farang early morning at Walking Street.


  1. Julian El Cholo Younes Mourhit

  2. New big lb!! Bigger then the previous one. How tall??
    BTW seems the foreigner beat or scare them. Is quite unusual to see Thais being over helmed and be grabbed by a farang especially in a brawl time. (the last part of the video)

  3. No one got the video him batting him ?

  4. Tomer Fridman חעחעעחעחע

  5. Scotty Ellis Jake Ellis

  6. Nir Fadida ניר קבל אחי חחחחחחחח

  7. Sean Mccormick how’s the head today

  8. Ide take that just to be in Thailand right now !

  9. Benny Suslik נתי שחייבחחחחחחחחחח

  10. Baa-Jo Muay Thaï frer… c triste de pas savoir se battre , il s prends un kick sote il balance in point dans le vent

  11. บ้างครั้ง ฝรั่งที่อยู่เมืองไทยนานๆ ก็ทำเป็น งี้แหละ เก๋า.!

  12. Hhh jen peu plus ils mon tuer aaaaaa les chouchou les ont massacrer des barres pattaya le matin apres les boite c la zone aaaa

  13. Ori Shabrutzky Rami Amar

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