Australian tourist assaulted in front of a bar Soi Buakhao


During the early morning, Pattaya police was called about an Australian tourist who was assaulted in front of a bar at Soi Buakhao. Mr Krank, 45 years old, was beaten in the face and nose then brought to the Pattaya Hospital.

There was an altercation with some Thais in Soi LK just before, then the Thais took their motorbike to follow him and assaulted him, saying “it is not finished”.

The police is investigating this event, foreigners beaten in Pattaya is pretty common, do not be agressive with Thais, they own the place, and they are easy to get upset 😉


  1. Favourite pastime, beating up the falang.

  2. Heard there was a Falang along with the Thais dishing out the beating?

  3. 1st & 2nd story was that falang mafia involved. well the group must of threatened him again to shut his trap so maybe took a u-turn and blamed whole situation on accomplices.

  4. Thai’s can’t hold their liquor and bites the hand that feeds them.

  5. You will never get the real story. Even if on video.

  6. Lol you idiot Pattaya would still be shitty beach (well it still is) if it didn’t have farang investment .

  7. When we gonna hear some stories of Falangs kicking Thai arse. We are physically bigger and stronger then those primitive bums, we should be winning some of these fights!!!

  8. Just another foreign dickhead that thinks he owns the kingdom

  9. I am sure the Australian was completely innocent, and sober, I’m just walking by minding his own business.

  10. Been to Pattaya 4 times and never even had a bad word with anyone. Fights happen everywhere alcohol and women are.

  11. i been here 30 years and i have never been in a fight here and i was a heavy drinker for many years be humbel and give respect goes along way

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