When this will stop?


When this will stop?


  1. Nearly all the currencies are suffering at the moment

  2. Thailand charges western prices for most items and pays their citizens Bangladesh wages…easy to have a strong economy and strong currency when labor costs are miniscule…

  3. Baht is way over and looking towards a 1997 sooner or later I think

  4. When Chinese investors stop pouring billions into the country building condos and hotels

  5. Why should it stop? Its good for us, expats who make money here 🙂

  6. Thailand is already on the US Currency Manipulation Watchlist…so i guess it will goes until the Big Boys bring enough Money out to favorable Conditions… Maybe there’s an Reason that for Example Germany, Italy and the US see an very Big Wave of Spending from Thai Billionaires….

  7. MAGA… That’s why…

  8. Watch tourism stop. Thailand officials think westerners will endlessly pay anything.

    We wont – we will choose smarter destinations at better value like vietnam and lao

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