The Trust building at Sukhumvit. What is happening there? There are +650 rooms i…


The Trust building at Sukhumvit. What is happening there? There are +650 rooms in this condominium, but the builder (QHouse) didn’t bother making enough parking place. 650 rooms, but only 200 parking place for the cars, and less than 200 for the motorbikes.
This week they have limited to 1 motorbike per room and If you want to park another one, you have to pay 50 baht… per night.
If your girlfriend/wife stay with you, she cannot have a motorbike, or you will be fined by parking staff who are noting everything you are doing. Parking at Walking Street would cost you only 20 baht 555!
For one month, this adds up to 1500 baht to your rent, owners are not better, they cannot park 2 people in their own place!
For the cars it is worse: 100 baht per day, 3000 baht / month.
But this does not guarantee you to have a parking place, cars and motorbikes are stacked everywhere, look at the pictures! 200 car parking spots for 650 rooms, who designed that? When the pictures are made the building is half empty if one day it is full, it will be such a mess.
If there is an emergency, like a fire, the fire trucks will stay outside.
How these people got their Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) approval? Did they got it or not? Because, the people of course are parking outside: on Sukhumvit road, the security is jeopardized.
This place is a cluster*uck for parking, and I do not talk about the elevator permanently out of orders (if they have a KONE maintenance plan why these are never repaired), broken security barrier, horrible smell and insect crowling from the sewers. This is a perfect example that shows how greed and can lead to total irresponsibility.
Did I precised that this building is new?


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by Nikko