Let’s do some paint job, Thai way. With Boobs!


Let’s do some paint job, Thai way. With boobs of course! You can find many of these video posted on Thai Facebook pages. Thais have a facination for boobs.


  1. Hopefully she doesn’t have a cock she would be a gorgeous thai women

  2. Wooow you went kill me😞

  3. Sebastien Vernet mak mak tonton 😱😂😂😂

  4. Per Helge Gjerstad skulle ikke du ha hjelp til noe maling i leiligheten din?

  5. Martin Godfrey is this your new apprentice?

  6. I wish but not a lot would get done

  7. Justin Appleby send to Sinkers.

  8. well… It takes herf alot of fuckin time to get the wall painted……Damn….Stop fuckin around and get it painted instead…:P

  9. Very beutiful and very sexy 🌹❤️

  10. I guess I’m half gay, because that’s pretty hot. lol

  11. J’aimerais bien qu’elle vienne faire ma peinture dans ma maison.

  12. Troy Miller Troy Jordan Josh Evans Bruce Hines

  13. She’s hot as hell, but is she a little bit retarded or something??
    I’d still tap it!

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by Nikko