Pattaya City Hospital: worse experience of my life in the emergencies. I went t…


Pattaya City Hospital: worse experience of my life in the emergencies.
I went there having a critical condition suffering excruciating pain from a kidney stone that was infected. I went to Bangkok hospital the day before and I got x-ray, scanner and diagnosis with me, so I had everything to demonstrate the critical condition that was mine.
In the night, I was in terrible pain, painkillers were inefficient, so I decided to go in the middle of the night to the Pattaya City hospital because it was closer to where I was staying, and I though that I could not make it on the scooter to the Bangkok hospital.
After a few question, I explained what I had, show the scanner pictures from my phone, I was in pain 10/10 and could not think and walking was a torture, 2 opioïde painkillers had no effect. Here is what the dispatcher told me: “you will have to wait long time, because I have all these people”.
There were 20+ people waiting. Most had flu symptoms, migraine, gastro problems but no one had a such painful condition.
In fact there is no dispatching in this hospital, the people in charge of the emergencies are totally clueless and heartless.
I was left on my chair crying in pain while the staff was joking about television. Some people from the hospital saw what was happening, but no one dare asking why I was left with no care like this.
After 15 min in horrible pain, I decided to try to make it to the Bangkok hospital alone on the scooter, because otherwise I will die waiting in the queue there.
I took my scooter and somehow made it to the Emergencies at BK hospital.
People there immediately assessed my condition, and even if they had a lot of people waiting for flue and stuff like thing, someone took me in a wheelchair and rushed me to the emergency room. 2 shots of pain killer was necessary to go down to pain level 2-3 instead of 10. Got strong antibiotics and pain killer in injection. I stayed 2 hours in observation, got a blood test, urine test. The doctor was nice and trained as well as the nurses. Because of the infection and fever, I could have died of septicemic while waiting in the queue at this s*hitty Pattaya City Hospital. I am so upset about this experience that I wanted to share this story to warn anyone who have a serious condition.
Pattaya City Hospital emergencies are run by amateurs, untrained personal, heartless and who don’t give a s*hit about people pain or the seriousness of a condition. They have no clue and there is no dispatching. I think it does not fit the international requirement for being called an hospital as far as emergency is concerned. I would probably have a better care in Mogadishu Red Cross run hospital than in this place.
If you have a serious condition that needs immediate care, don’t lose your time there, go to Bangkok Hospital or Banglamund Hospital or Sihiracha Hospital, but avoid the Pattaya City Hospital.
Btw I paid 2800 baht at Bangkok hospital, I think it was not that expensive.Just check the reviews at Google, many people had the same experience, lot of 1* reviews saying the same thing.
Since this hospital is run by the City, with a huge budget and that they only pay a contractor for running it, I think that the city should audit what is happening at the emergencies there, check if the nurses and dispatchers are qualified and if in the end the Billions spend to run this hospital are well invested.


  1. you will not pay the same price at city hospital, so don’t expect the same service than at bangkok hospital 😛

  2. I can recommend Pattaya Memorial Hospital too. Very professional stuff and not that expensive as Bangkok Hospital. By the way – Get well soon…

  3. I wish you good health! Good choice to avoid hospitals and doctors who are only open to earn money and not to help people. Sometimes surgery is the only option.

  4. Pattaya International Hospital is good too located on Soi 4. I had some serious pains due to a ruptured gall bladder. Used the ER 2 nights in a row and was treated well there. But I agree Bangkok Pattaya Hospital is definitely the best in town.

  5. It is thru I like to know why so many Thai People mare heartless is this because of their culture ? When you see an accident on the road it is so strange that 95% of the Thai people seems not to care if they do not know that person . Every time I see this it remind me to the nature where animals have the same feelings so what is the value of life ?

  6. Sorry about your pain but you have to remember city hospital is mainly thais , my missis was there last week 10hr haveing tests and waiting for the results, a few days ago she had to go to Banglamung hospital she got there at 630am get here ticket no 23 at opening time 8am the no had shot up to 220 and she was there allday too, she has medical insurance from her work for these hospitals, but yes thai hospital can be a pain, live in Udon Thani for a while and the local inernat hospital was first class EKA Udon hole you get well soon

  7. Wow!Was there last week.Got seen by a doctor in 30 minutes.Diagnosis and paid bill within the hour.Female doctor spoke great English and was most competent explaining the different med’s purposes.Bring a Thai helps any comms issues!

  8. พี่ ตูน ช่วยที

  9. You managed to ride to bangkok. I suggest you ask someone about real pain, then think again about your 10/10 statement

  10. But how could you imagine that in hospitals it could be different than in everyday life ???

  11. Coglione fatti l assicurazione e vai nei gli ospedali buoni.. La Tailandia non è per i barboni.

  12. Lol yeah dont use that place. Wouldn’t even take a soi dog there ! Just pay the extra and go bkk pattaya

  13. A stone “life threatening”? Are you serious? My last renal stone I stayed 4 months before had surgery (in Italy, with ureteroscopy). If there’s an infection take antibiotics and wait a couple of weeks to see if the stone gets out alone. Most stones gets out without need of surgery.

    The first days are more painful, then pain subsides. The only reason to operate immediately is that the ureter is completely blocked, and this can be easily found with ultrasound. If the ureter discharges urine in bladder there’s no need to run.

    I agree with the comment above. With real pain 10/10 you can’t ride a motorbike.
    I have recurrent renal stones, I know perfectly renal stones pain (yes,neraly all renal stones get infected).

    I don’t know in other countries, but now in Italy I don’t even go to ER , because otherwise they keep me from 4 to 6 hours before doing anything (unless a pain killer). I go to my doctor and ask an injection and shoot myself and antibiotics. In in a couple of weeks the stone doesn’t get out, then I go to the urologist. In my life only last stone needed surgery.

    To me opioids don’t work, better a NSAID like ketoprefen or diclofenac.

  14. Courage, I hope everything will be fine for you

  15. True pattaya i am disappoint with you
    You live in pattaya you pubblic many many notice about pattaya and dont have insurance
    I hope you stay better soon

  16. Can i recommend the queen sirikit hospital sattahip for the operation, it’s not as flash as bkk pattaya but most long timers without Insurance go there its one of the best around and cheaper than most alternatives.

  17. Haha life threatening 🙂 I think if so, you couldn’t ride the scooter around Pattaya 🤣

  18. Sorry, but this is kind of your own fault. You’ve been living here long enough to know not to set foot in a government hospital (especially the awful Pattaya City one) if you have more than flu symptoms. Why would you? Your insurance pays anyway.
    As another poster pointed out, if you could not make your way to Bangkok Hospital, why didn’t you just go to Memorial? It’s less than 2 minutes away from Pattaya City Hospital on the scooter.

  19. At leat people have options in Pattaya.
    I live in Ireland where our medical standards are suppose to be one of the best in the world. In fact our trained nurses and doctors are highly sought after. Yet in the last two weeks a 90+ year old was left dying on a trolley for multiple day before being discharged and then died a few days later. Another incident in the last week, it took an ambulance over an hour to reach a patient just 5 mins away. Unfortunately the patient was deceased by the time the ambulance arrived. We don’t have the choice of another hospital

  20. I will not go anywhere else in Pattaya other than Bangkok Pattaya hospital. You get what you pay for in Thailand, especially when it comes to medical issues.

  21. I heard a lot of bad things about this hospital too. Thank you for sharing.

  22. City hospital is a training unit full of inexperienced kids. If you want cheapish medical help with good service sri racha is decent.

  23. I feel for you, I do. Should not happen. But if you have no one taking care of you in such a situation, nor have the funds to use a taxi, you have to seriously reassess your situation. Driving a scooter in such a condition is just as reckless as what happened in the ER.

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