Parked like a jerk…yellow plate means a taxi motorbike. Why I am not surprised…


Parked like a jerk…yellow plate means a taxi motorbike. Why I am not surprised? Some of them consider themselves above other drivers. Laws and rules do not apply to them


  1. I hate motorbike taxi, cut your way, drive in oncoming traffic, violate all traffic rules! looking for brawls when an unknown thai has problems with a farang! I am always happy when I see an accident motorbike taxi!

  2. Yep parked outside royal garden on the beach road for a quick piss, loads of rental bikes and taxi bikes parked, guy comes over cannot park there mister police take bike…….. so why the fuck havent they taken all the rental bikes and taxi bikes away????

  3. You know true pattaya all taxi in the world they seem the boss of the street😡😡

  4. But i love taxi motorbike i dont know why not have in europe you can go everywhete for small price

  5. What’s with the red plates?

  6. Everyting is normal. Whats problem, suckers? Be easy

  7. You don’t know when they parked the bike.. Maybe it was full at the time..

  8. don’t hear of any of these guys crashing or dying though, it’s the way to drive over there not like anywhere else

  9. I find most of them complete brain dead morons They hate a farang overtaking them and would do anything to get in front of you riding the wrong way up soi 7 and 8 total disregard for anything

  10. What’s wrong with that picture? Plenty of space. You ever seen parking in Central Festival?

  11. Sheriff Burholm ( Pattaya State )

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