I caught these specimens at the Burger King Esso station on Sukhumvit. They have…


I caught these specimens at the Burger King Esso station on Sukhumvit. They have probably messed up Thailand with Peru? Or they are ready for the trek Sukhumvit / Walking Street, where you have to avoid street dogs bites, Katoe sex proposals, bag snatchers and Chinese tsunamis, what else?


  1. N’importe quoi !!! C’est vous le « spécimen »

  2. I think you post is the most stupid i ever see in my live

  3. If I had a dollar for every time a back-packer swung round and clipped me with their luggage, I’d probably have a few hundred dollars by now 😀

  4. What’s wrong with backpackers eating junk food ???

  5. The one on the left looks like on of those red arsed baboons.
    But I would guess they are all on the left.

  6. Really funny, thanks True Pattaya for the laughs.

  7. It is Pattaya. A civilized place. Many people come in Thailand with the image of a 3rd world country…the ones who do not understand this post probably never come in Pattaya. Would you take these bags to go to a shopping mall in London? Now you get it?

  8. Backpackers. Trying to find themselves! Tired of working….

  9. Sharing a portion of French fries between 3

  10. This was one of your best posts.

  11. Obviously 1 is looking for the Thai toilet so she can rest her laurels

  12. Or maybe it needs lancing

  13. Let’s have fun, I need some relaxing time after the hospital!🤣😃😄😅😆😆

  14. I bet they try haggling the price

  15. High quality of pharang: bring money to thai economy!😂😂

  16. Posted randoms and taking piss out of them, just cuz they got racksacks.

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