There is a new tiny pizza place at Soi Lengkee Pattaya. He sells pizza by the sl…


There is a new tiny pizza place at Soi Lengkee Pattaya. He sells pizza by the slice 60 baht for one. If you like crispy New York pizza style, these are really good. The owner is an American from New York and he is a very nice guy. He learn to make breads with one of the best in the World…check the pizza bread, it is maybe the best in Pattaya.


  1. “American from New York” doesn’t know how to spell “slice”.

  2. Bhoy David Paterson how did we miss this 😫

  3. A nice guy from New York? Preposterous…. I can’t wait to try. Pizzas in Thailand are like cardboard. Even McDonalds can’t get the bread right…

  4. 90 bt for 1 ? I’ll give it a miss

  5. Is this the same owner that had shop at entrance to Soi Diana across from Popagayoes? He got run off because of teardown.

  6. There was a guy in Soi Diana selling Pizza by the slice best part of 10 years ago, didn’t last very long

  7. About the Bronx pizza that was at Papagayo at the entrance of soi Diana here is the story: The builing where they stayed is currently under demolition. They moved on beach road at the subway plaza between Mike Shopping mall and Royal Garden but it didn’t worked there. Now they are at Retox end of soi Lengkee under their big video screen. Not the same pizza. The one I ate at this new pizza place had a better bread. Both shops are 100m away from each other.

  8. It is pizza boss…yo man. I finally got the name. I checked the pepperoni today. I think that he need to buy his pepperoni somewhere else…555 no comment.

  9. We have a new pizza called the New Yorker. Limited toppings like pepperoni (as it you’de need anything else

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