This man is the CEO of an Italian and Thai company. He killed an endangered blac…


This man is the CEO of an Italian and Thai company. He killed an endangered black panther in a sanctuary in Thailand, the skin of the animal has been found, with dismembered parts. What about removing his skin and exposing it attached to a tree in this sanctuary, to warn anyone who want to do the same and show to the animals that humans have a sense of justice?


  1. Damn him!!! I wish him ALL bad things which even can happen!!!

  2. Do the same to him kill and skin him

  3. Sieze all assets and deport him

  4. What is Thailand?
    ……. The Thailand has the best king in the world.But l think that is true, but Thailand, when good people do good, life is the most difficult in Thailand, different from the wicked evil living most comfortable in Thailand.And when rich people make mistakes, they can leave Thailand comfortably without any fault, but the poor can not do anything except wait for death in prison.Because of the prison in Thailand, it is held to the poor with the innocent who do not know anything.All the Forest Officers are Heroes, I encourage all of you not to give up, even the light of hope and the truth, it will flicker.Because you can not condone it just because they are rich and influential in Thailand, there is no justice, especially the government that is not even democratic.I will wait until the last day.Let the monarchs of all Thai kings. All the holy things in the world protect you who fight for the land, protecting the precious forest, all of you safe from evil to the last.

  5. He is the CEO of a Thai Italian construction company. Anyone knows the name?

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