36,000 Baht bill… how to be a hero for one night. src: Crystal Club


36,000 Baht bill… how to be a hero for one night. src: Crystal Club


  1. That happens, when staff and friends of the lady you drink with are drinking on your bin, and you can’t say no.. I had higher bins too last August.. But ever since I keep my bin in sight..

  2. We shouldn’t criticize, it’s guys like this who subsidise bars for us less well off customers.

  3. 36k bill and even not drunk … ouch ! Hope BF is included .. 555

  4. $1443.37 Australian, must have been a good night 🙄🤔😮

  5. Dam Dam Oklm Raph Hansker je propose un challenge pour José Tingtong quand il ira faire 2-3 gogos 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Oh you stupid idiot. They made a lot of tickets from you 😊

  7. Why not like my pal said this guy won 300k in a bar couple nights before , if youv got it enjoy it , I’ve spent the same on one bottle before in a club 😂

  8. Jorma Soini couldn’t do that.

  9. Ile to będzie na polskie

  10. And dicks like this have fucked the hole scene

  11. Bruno Bascunana handsome man

  12. Only 900 €? In Finland that’s only for appettices and for food for 2, nice to make more people happy at that small same price!

  13. Jorma Soini can do it, just contact Jomtien Pattaya beach group for Jorma from Finland, he knows everything, can even read between the lines👍

  14. Alexander Nebelong Martin Bach har et stykke vej endnu.

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