Police checked Infinity Club yesterday.


Police checked Infinity Club yesterday. They found drug and pee test were positive for several customers. In Thailand don’t do drugs.

🔥ด่วน 🔥ชปพ. ชุดปฏิบัติการพิเศษกรมการปกครอง นำกำลังบุก #ร้านอินฟินิตี้ เขตจอมทอง มีเด็กไหม มียาเสพติดหรือไม่ จะปิด 5 ปี หรือเปล่า #ให้คุ้กกี้ทำนายกัน



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  1. I get where you come from, I will never do drugs in Thailand nor at home..

    Do I understand that correctly?? The club will be closed for 5 years???? That is just insane?? Since when is a Clubowner responcible for drug abuse in his premisses?? He did not sell them nor did he provide the means for consumption.. The abusers are the ones who have to be penetalized.. You can’t expect a Clubowner to search and intrude guests privacy in oder to allow them to enter.. You would very fast have no guests anymore..

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