Ning’s Five Star J restaurant review. I have always been intrigued by this resta…


Ning’s Five Star J restaurant review. I have always been intrigued by this restaurant and its moto: no GMO, no refined sugar, no chemical, no trans fat, no palm oil, vegan restaurant.
We all know that Thai food is full of refined sugar and palm oil, so how does it taste when it is done the healthy way?
It taste great! I have only tried this Kao Pat Saparot (fried rice with ananas) and it was awesome, I will be back to eat there again.
They effectively didn’t added sugar (the ananas is sweet enough). There were some crispy things on the top and the rice was to die for. The flavors were superiors to the ones I have eaten before in other places.
The restaurant is located at the Tony’s intersection at Pattaya Tai. If you like Thai food and want to eat it made with the highest quality standard, try this restaurant.


  1. Vegan is not food!😂😂

  2. This meal was great. It doesn’t matter if there was meat or not inside. Of course if you are hungry for a t-bone that’s not the place.

  3. Five Star J is awesome. They got a pretty nice website for (pre-)ordering and delivery as well. It’s vegetarian, not vegan though. Some dishes can be ordered with cheese/egg.

  4. Menu has always put me off even trying this place. They just seemed to have replaced the words Chicken, Pork, Beef etc. with the words Soy.

  5. I must say the vegetarian food from this restaurant is excellent. They create their dishes with fresh ingredients and LOVE.

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